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Edufact CONSULTANTS is an International student recruitment company. Our Head office is located in Lagos, commercial hub of Nigeria and we have outlets across African region. It’s an organization comprise of a team of overseas student recruitment consultants and core professionals. We recruit students for our partner universities and colleges across the world; Canada, United kingdom, Australia, Europe and the United States of America.

We work with local high schools and colleges, scholarship boards and many organizations in the business of international education. We also supply educational materials to schools, government and corporate organizations. We consult for local schools and many educational outlets, with a view to growing them. We develop educational content for schools, colleges and education outlets. We plan and host education fair within and outside Nigeria.


Everything you Need for your Institute or University

International Business

We understand the business of international education. Our extensive experience of over a decade in the industry gives us a huge advantage of having a deeper understanding of the industry in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Skilled Professionals in Student recruitment

We have a team of international student recruitment consultants, who have been in the industry for more than 2 decades and have sustained their integrity in international student placement.

Professional Digital Marketer

We have highly digitalized marketing professionals, who are vast in the use of digital marketing tools in leads generation and also using same in solving students application problems.

What We Do


We counsel potential international students on choice of course and study destinations

Admission asst

We assist students in securing offer of admission from any school of choice, across the globe


We counsel students on global scholarship opportunities


We verify students credential and check their credibilit

Visa procurement

We guide students through student visa processing, across study destinations

Education fair

We organize education fair across African region

Loan assistance

We assist on students loan

Market research

We conduct international student market research and analysis

School marketing

We market overseas schools; universities, colleges and high schools within the African continent

UK Nursing Bridging Programme

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